1954 New Yorker Deluxe Specifications.
PRICE: Base Price 3,433 U.S Dollars
Optioned Price 3,433 U.S Dollars

Type of Engine: OHV Hemi V-8, casted-iron block, and cylinder heads
Displacement: 331.1 ci
X Stroke: 313/16 to 35/8 cubic inches
Compression Ratio: 7.5.1
Horsepower: 235
Torque : 330-lb.ft
Valvetrain: Hydraulic valve filters
Major Bearings: The five fuel system has; Carter four-barrel bearings carburetor and mechanical pump lubrication.
System: Pressure, gear type pump
The Electrical system consists of; six-volt Exhaust
System: Dual
Transmission Type: PowerFlite automatic two-speed Ratios, first: 1.72:1 and second one 1.00:1 Reverse: 2.39:1

Steering Type: Centered arm equal-length tie rods
Overall Ratio 25.8:1
Turning Circle: N/A
The brakes are Hydraulic type with a four-wheel drum and power supported Front and Rear 12 inch drums.
The chassis and bodywork are all steel with the body and frame made separately. The car body frame is a double channel box body.
The cars were designed as four-door sedans with a front engine and a rear-wheel drive. The front compartment was built to be independent with control armrests, coil springs, directly acting shocks, anti-roll bar, and the rear compartment had a solid axle, half elliptical leaf springs with inter-liners, and directly acting Oriflow shocks.
Pros and Cons.
The model was much affordable, had an upgraded Hemi power, was an upscale model, and with unique details. It was overshadowed by the Forward look models, not rare to find although its restoration cost could exceed its actual value. It had a crankcase of 5 quarts and a cooling system of 25 Quarts with a tank capacity of 20 gallons.