This model year adopted another styling that featured front fascia that had a swooping bumper, gaping mesh grille, large chrome eagle, and quad headlights and taller rear fins. At the peak of the soaring fins was a bullet style tail lamp with a chrome ring around it. The front grille and bumper used a heavier chrome pieces and the fender furrowed brows above the double sets of the headlights gave the car a good look. For increased driver comfort and support, the driver seat was raised above the other front seats and featured a ‘High-Tower’ and contoured. The standard 1957 Imperial wheels of 15 inch diameter were dropped to14 inch wheel diameter of 1960. Imperial LeBarons adopted a unique smaller “formal rear window” for improved rear seat privacy. Sales increased to 17,719 for this model year ahead of Lincoln. Its body remained on frame construction unlike the unit body Chryslers.

The 1960-1961 design had increased controversy as Exner was experiencing increased struggles with the board and the Chrysler president. In 1962, Exner was removed as the president of design in Highland Park. He was succeeded by Elwood Engel from Ford who promised to lead Chrysler Corporation along a conventional path. Exner was a consultant until 1964 and was no longer involved. All 1960-1963 annual changes featured same space age dashboard. For a better legroom and view through the windshield in a straight position, the steering wheel was squared-off at top and bottom. Dashboard lighting became electroluminescent and didn’t use incandescent lamps. The 1960 Imperials were of the same length as previous years at 226.3 inches, and the body was shifted forward causing a 2.1 inch reduction in the rear compartment and a similar increase at the front.