Attributes of a 1954 Chrysler from Greg who owns a New Yorker Deluxe

Greg Pavick is a U.S Army Reserve Lieutenant Colonel in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, and a fan of Chrysler cars. His first car was a 1954 New Yorker Club Coupe though he sold it, he appreciated the innovation and superb performance of the first-generation Hemi cars. He owns an electric collection of Mopars that include a 1948 New Yorker, 1964 Imperial Crown Coupe, and 1965 Plymouth Sport Fury. After selling his first car he had an interest in owning another Chrysler because he enjoyed driving it and its uniqueness until 2010 when he got an Alpine Blue 1954 New Yorker Deluxe which was a four-door model.

It was complete and had 85,600 miles on the odometer and the seller John was the second owner from its original owner. John had worked on it after buying it in 1980, its body was repainted and chromed the bumpers, the replaced the carpet and broadcloth, repainted the wheels, and filled the steering wheel cracks. The exterior colors, Greg says the cowl tag paint code says ’01’ which seemed to indicate a black finish though he suspects it was ever black, firewall, jambs, and interior appointments had the correct blue shade.

It originally had no power steering, power windows, and a radio. The Hemi V-8 has never been rebuilt and retained its original long-block Carter WCFB carburetor, dual point distributor, and exhaust manifolds. It had the Hemi two-speed PowerFlite and torque converter and its original 3.36 geared rear end that only required a pinion seal replaced. The suspension and manual steering were attached to a frame stiffened over the past years offering stock. All he does is have the suspension lubed each year.