The 1950’s was the golden era for American made trucks , smooth ship like saloons and the muscle car. The genre of muscle cars was beginning to flex its biceps for the entire nation to see and establishing itself as a proper classic instead of a pimped out runner for moonshine. It could be argued many people look towards the 60’s when it comes to classic American cars however the 50’s has loads of hidden gems such as our personal favourite the 1953 Chrysler New Yorker.

Being the third generation in the New Yorker’s long lifespan offering several options from hydraulic automatic gearbox , coupe , long wheelbase and my personal favourite a station wagon edition. This old wagon beauty is a rarity with only 251 built making it a beautiful and unique find. If you ever see one at a car show , take the time to appreciate it as you will probably never see one again. Even better if you find one for sale go for it , usually around the 4000 dollar mark, as this is a truly classic car.

If you are on a budget but still want a slice of that American classic car golden age the Chevy 210 is a great way to go , going for a little as 300 dollars these cars come in a huge amount of options and colours with its stand out white roof on many models. These 210s are a great all round investment as they can be highly modified and are extremely poplar with the hot rod community but at the same time leaving them stock gives them a great look and feel for anyone interested in classic cars.

At first it may seem as though classic cars are a niche community which requires lots of money to get involved in , at My Dads Classic Car we have a deep emotional connection with the 1953 New Yorker due to our family’s history and we want to share our love and passion for this generation of amazing cars with anyone who is interested. It does not matter your reason for loving classics 1950’s cars, it could be a deep family love like us or maybe you just love the aesthetics of the bodywork from this time period.. Get in touch and get involved we would love to hear any stories you have especially regarding the 1953 Chrysler New Yorker!