This model enabled Chrysler Corporation to establish itself as a producer of luxury cars. The New Yorker name was retained by Chrysler from the 1940 model years all along with a series of K-car and, Eagle Premier based in the 1980s and the 90s. The best of the Chrysler New Yorkers were the ones made with a unibody C-body for the 1965-1978 model years but some customers still liked the Middle Malaise Era which used much fuel and at the same time fuel prices were high.

1977 was the most Broughamic model year of all time so all New Yorkers were Broughams for that year. The interior of the standard New Yorker had crushed-velour bench seats but for the pillow-top leather split bench option, one would pay an extra cost. The car was built with multiple options of luxury but the audio system was the cheap AM-only two-speaker radio. The car didn’t come with a radio as standard equipment so it would cost you an extra $99. It had the Auto-Temp HVAC which was optional. If you needed a clock for your car, you had to install it yourself.

The car had a V8 engine rating of 195 horsepower and 440 cubic inch power numbers which could haul all 4,739 pounds of the New Yorker steel. It included a torque for the engine of 320 lb-ft, and off-the-line acceleration was allowed. The engine transmits power to the wheels equal to a 3-speed automatic gearbox. This model is a rear vehicle and its engine is mounted at the front, with a two-door coupe bodywork. It contains overhead valve gear, a 90-degree unit V8 cylinder layout, and 2 valves per cylinder.