The ’53 New Yorker – A Car of Quality and Dreams

Its Foundation model was the New York Special, born in 1938, but it became the loveable ‘New Yorker’ once made available to the public the following year. It was the first of its kind to become an independent nameplate in autos and the first in upscale models for the Chrysler trademark. The ’53 Chrysler New Yorker was trimmed down and has fixed fenders that are molded into the car’s body. The wheel base has been reduced to 125.5 in. and the windshield is one piece of glass now instead of two. The design for the ’53 was taken from the ’52 Saratoga model, while the former New Yorker became the new Deluxe design of this vehicle, made with pull-style door handles to boot.

The 1953 Chrysler New Yorker was built in a time when Quality and attention to detail were expected and a well tended vehicle would last its owner for years to come. It’s possible that most people only view a car as a way to get from point A to point B, especially in today’s busy world. Yet, there is more to a car to those who view their car as sort of a family treasure. A good car is more like a time capsule in a way, a place where dreams and memories are kept.

Maybe someone you know has a car like this, or perhaps you have memories of such a ride from youth. Perhaps, you even tend to your own classic vehicle. Or, maybe you don’t have a ’53 Chrysler New Yorker of your own, but still enjoy attending shows where there are classic cars as far as your eyes can see. Fall is actually the perfect season to attend a car show. Classic cars are a good source of entertainment and education as a family, or as a solos act. Through them, we can see not only a history of commitment to Quality, but a past of the good times and memories others have collected in their lifetime.