The Designer of this car was Duncan McRae who later added the Lark to his resume, and his task was to create this car for Hurley’s personal use. The project was not economically prudent to be involved in for a company that could not actually build a new line of cars it had already designed. The project later happened. Duncan’s design began with a 1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk 400 and formed a new front end and hood from fiberglass that did away with the upright grille and small side inlets and instead provided a low and wide air intake. For the supercharger, hood clearance was necessary, just like the Studebaker the hood had a closed scoop and it was taller on the Packard due to the new lower front end. Body-color was painted to the normally chromed headlamp trim and doors got a unique feature, the vinyl-covered armrests outside of the windows.

The deck lid of the car was replaced with that of the 1953-’55 style coupes and hardtops and a faux spare tire cover was included in it which made it unique with a different rear view from the Studebaker Hawk. It had a Golden “PACKARD” lettering which was positioned just above the grille opening with a Hawk emblem above it. It also had a gold script on each rear fin and the lower passenger-side rear of the deck lid. On the fins and the trunk were also Hawk emblems, and it had new wheel covers.

The interior design of the 1957 Golden Hawk 400 was borrowed by the Packard Hawk featuring tan leather upholstery covers for the seats and combinations of color-matched vinyl and leather employed for other surfaces. Only two cars had white leather.