The New Yorker Deluxe 1954, was added a four-barrel carburetor increasing its power to 235hp and a very powerful engine. New Yorker convertible was the most expensive car then in the 300 series by Chrysler and only 950 cars were built making it a rare variety and only few people owned it becoming a dream for many in their lifetime. It had a more streamlined appearance and new taillights. The grille’s middle bar was inside curved and was dip at both ends to straighten the top grille design. It was lighter and less bulky with concern on more glass. It had a Airtemp air conditioning, uniting power steering, brakes and windows.

The Deluxe is highly distinguished by the additional features and quality of its interior. The front fender compartment was highly distinguished, with the rear fender stone shield consisted of a horizontal trim piece at the center contemplating the forward fender shield. Hubcaps were exceptional on the New Yorker Deluxe with a golden color matching the exterior nameplates.

The New Yorker C-300-line series called after its 300 horsepower with a top performance the only car which had that power level then. It had wire wheels and an Imperial grille and won NASCAR’s 1955 National Grand Race at an average speed of 92 miles every hour and was based on Chrysler who updated it with luxury features which led to debut of Chrysler 300 models The New Yorker Deluxe had an Engine size of 331 c.i. Chrysler “Hemi” V-8, of 180 horsepower. It had a semi-automatic transmission, radio ultra-rare “MoparMatic” steering wheel mounted Swiss Movement clock which winds itself through the action of turning the steering wheel.