The Chrysler was one of the best-built cars of its time and the New Yorker was the best on the Chrysler line. Every part of a Chrysler looked like it cost more than its competitors. The New Yorker Deluxe was the most powerful vehicle in the world in 1953 with a 235HP Hemi head V-8 and four-barrel carburetors. The transmission was one of the oldest automatics with manual transmission features. It has an M6 transmission, with Fluid Drive or Fluid Torque, they operate the same but the servicing and repair are different. For Chrysler newbies, two things might be confusing; six-volt positive ground electrics and left-hand threads on the left side wheel bolts.
You will require a six-volt battery that needs to be connected with the positive terminal ground which is the opposite of today’s vehicles. Left-hand threads meaning that the bolts turn the opposite direction to normal bolts. They have markings on the head L and R. If you take them for a service or installing new tires, you must inform the mechanic because most have never come across left-hand threads and can easily damage them by turning the wrong direction or write a note in capital letters and stick it on the hubcaps. Although some cars got changed over the years by putting on a different brake drum and hub, check for assurance. Doing a brake job, the rear hubs are fitted on the axle with a taper and are hard getting off. In this scenario, you’ll require a big puller and you can wail it with a big hammer.