ThisThis was in 1966 and Chevrolet experienced a new bodywork styling little face lifting was done that included forward-thrusting, blunt front fenders, and renewed grille. The traditional round taillamps were installed at the back. The backup lights were made inside dual rectangular lamps in the Biscayne and Bel Air. The general length of the car was 231.2 inches, the standard engine used was the six-cylinder 250 CID of horsepower 155. For speed set, a new 427 cu in V8 of 390 hp or 425hp was installed. To identify Bel Air from Biscayne, it had identity signatures on the rear fenders and its full-length body side molding.

Cloth and vinyl trims were used on sedans while vinyl interiors were standard on station wagons. For 1967, full-body Chevrolets had a new body with protruding rear fenders a styling not received well by everyone. The Bel Air had triple taillights unlike the dual units for Biscayne. All standard engines were similar to the last year. The 1968 Chevrolet full-sized bodies grew one inch longer than the 1967 ones to 214.7 inches. Chevrolet’s grille was similar to that of Cadillac but dual taillights were strictly Chevrolet Bel Air lights. Taillights were now positioned on the bumper, something unusual. New standards in-car safety were brought about by US additional safety characteristics. The front seat passengers had shoulder safety belts and side marker lights. As part of the side marker light, the optional Chevrolet V8 engine sizes were displayed.

For the 1969 model year, Bel Air was restyled with an increased length, new fender and body lines, new front and back end, and the 1965 chassis. The length was increased to 219.9 inches and used the same wheelbase and the length of the wagon increased to 217.7 inches. It was the last for Bel Air’s two-door sedan production and station wagon renamed Townsman as part of adopting the pre-1962 practice of using different nameplates on station wagons. Three and two-speed transmissions were available together with the two-speed Powerglide automatic and the three-speed Turbo Hydramatic engine.